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Project „MaaSolutions - Digital solutions for sustainable urban mobility”, ID project 02C0616

Project „MaaSolutions - Digital solutions for sustainable urban mobility”, ID project 02C0616



Project „MaaSolutions - Digital solutions for sustainable urban mobility”, ID project 02C0616



MaaSolutions project is funded by the Interreg Europe 2021 – 2027 Programme, Policy Objective 2 – Greener Europe, Specific Objective: Zero-carbon urban mobility.


The project implementation period is 01 April 2024 – 30 June 30 2028 (51 months).


The project budget allocated to Baia Mare Metropolitan Area Association, as partner, is 197.840,00 EUR, out of which 158.272,00 EUR is the non-refundable, from the European Fund for Regional Development - ERDF, representing 80%, 35.611,20 EUR public co-financing from the state budget, representing 18% and 3.596,80 EUR partner own contribution, representing 2%.


The project will be implemented in three phases:

- Core phase: 36 months, 01 April 2024 - 31 March 2027

- Follow-up phase: 12 months, 01 April 2027 - 31 March 2028

- Closure phase: 3 months, 01 April 2028 - 30 June 2028.


The Lead Partner of the project is the Puglia Region from Italy, and the other partners are Baia Mare Metropolitan Area Association, City of Geel from Belgium, Municipal Administration of the City of Liepāja from Latvia, Vas County Office (VVÖH) from Hungary, Aufbauwerk Leipzig GmbH Region from Germany, Aegean University from Greece and the Municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland from Netherlands.

The MaaSolutions project aims to enhance the governance of urban mobility transformation through innovative strategies like Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

Transports systems in urban areas are becoming more and more complex, moving towards inter-modality and sustainability. MaaS promotes a shift towards sustainable modes, reducing negative impacts of car traffic.

The project specifically focuses on stimulating a comprehensive mobility management among public authorities, boosting sustainable urban mobility planning.


This will be achieved by exchanging experiences through study visits and workshops, both at regional and interregional levels, identifying interoperable tools to improve digitalization and transport system quality, and facilitating MaaS dissemination.


The wide and complete composition of partnership will provide MaaSolutions with different approaches adopted by European local and regional authorities in 8 European countries: Italy, Romania, Belgium, Hungary, Netherlands, Germany, Latvia, Greece. Local and regional decision makers will dialogue and exchange experiences on the issue during a period of time of 4 years, through a Joint Analysis, 7 Study Visits, 7 Workshops and Dissemination Events.

Good practices and innovative solutions from the four programme areas will be collected to increase knowledge and promote a common understanding of MaaS in Europe.

Details about the project and the Interreg Europe 2021 – 2027 funding program can be found at the following addresses:

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